Tripos Consultants

Developing Performance Through Learning

Selling and negotiating

Selling skillsó Tripos Courses in sales are particularly relevant for those involved in business to business selling. We specialise in helping technical sales personnel such as consultants and specialists to develop their ability to communicate a compelling case to existing and potential customers.


Negotiating skillsó Whether in a sales, buying or a management role an ability to negotiate to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes is fundamental to business success. Tripos provides practical training courses to develop negotiating skills. Tripos courses are provided in a context to suit the specific needs of the participants.


Sales management skillsó The responsibilities of sales managers typically include coaching & training the sales team, sales forecasting, sales planning, preparing volume and margin budgets, coordinating promotional activities, selling to key accounts, managing team performance and motivating the sales team . The content of Tripos courses for sales mangers can be designed to meet current priorities.